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TranslationsPDX offers Interpreter Services in Spanish and English either in person, over the phone, or over video for immigration matters, medical & healthcare industry, educational institutions, and financial & banking sectors.



Background: Maria is from Mexico City.  She worked as a reporter for several publications including Reforma Newspaper, one of the biggest and most influential newspapers in Mexico ( At Reforma, one of her responsibilities was to translate annual reports for multinational companies listed at the New York Stock Market, as well as economic outlook reports from different countries in Latin America.


Education: Maria has a Bachelor’s Degree in communication science from Universidad del Valle de Mexico with  economics and finance studies.  Completion of ENNL Program (English as a Non-Native Language).


Interpreter Services: Since 2007, Maria has worked as a free lance interpreter for various translation companies in Oregon.

          Immigration: Maria has over seven years of experience interpreting Spanish clients at the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services for several Immigration Law Firms in Oregon.  Due to her knowledge of the immigration legal language and the immigration interview process, she can accurately interpret the client’s statements/questions/responses to the officer’s questions.

          Medical and Healthcare Industry: Maria has years of experience interpreting in multiple capacities for the Medical and Healthcare Industry.

          Educational Institutions:  Maria also has many years of experience interpreting in multiple capacities for Educational Institutions.

Contact us for more information and/or to book Maria's services:

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